RGB adjustable/unadjustable PWM rariator fan


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Color: 黑色白色黄色

The product description:

After sale service: non-human fault, free replacement within 1 years (please do not damage warranty label, such as damage will lose warranty service)
RGB adjustable fan standard free controller for controller, please buy separately. RGB unadjustable fan without controller.Double circle lamp and fan line lamp combination
RGB adjustable fan, you need to connect the LRC1.0 version of the controller, you can present the lighting effect and adjust
RGB unadjustable fan, no controller, rainbow lighting effect, can not be adjusted.
Low voltage start, adaptability, long life hydraulic bearing, longer fan life
Large wind cold exhaust fan designed for cold platoon, PWM automatic speed regulation
Removable bracket, black, white, yellow three colors, can be two-way plug in accordance with actual needs
The fan blade with bright silver plating has better light permeability and line sense
The fixed bracket is provided with a silica gel damping shim, which is soft and has no peculiar smell, and can reduce the resonance of the fan and the transmission of the noise
RGB adjustable fan designed for separation interface, more stable

RGB adjustable fan lighting effect display


RGB unadjustable fan lighting effect display