EVGA GTX1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING GPU Water Block Aurora


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The product description:

BS-EV1080T-PA is designed for full coverage of cold head EVGA GTX1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING graphics design, can cover graphics core, memory, power supply cards all the heating high amount of components, with the thickness of 15MM transparent acrylic positive components, not only can present a cold liquid visual effect, good durability, better service life growth.
Standard configuration does not contain controller, for the accessories, this cold head lighting system should be matched with the corresponding version of the controller, you can use, when buying, be sure to take the required controller.
The LRC1.0 and LRC2.0 controllers are not generic.
If the video card manufacturer upgrade, PCB change the component layout, there may be compatibility problems, it is recommended to carefully check the assembly instructions in the PCB photos content.
1. please make sure your graphics card is in the compatible list, otherwise it might not install properly.
2. inside the picture, the hard tube connects with the hand to twist the joint, only for the demonstration use, the standard does not contain the picture inside the rigid pipe connection joint.
3. installation, pay attention to the cold head inlet and outlet position, installation error will affect the heat dissipation performance.
4., in case of product appearance, structure upgrades without prior notice, in kind prevail.
5. compatible with the original video card backplane.