The rainbow IGame1080TI Vulcan X OC graphics card is officially released


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The product description:

BS - COI1080TVX - PA is designed for seven IGame GTX 1080 Ti Vulcan X OC graphics development type of cold head design, can cover the core of the video card, memory, power supply and other graphics components of all the high calorific value, with 15 mm thickness and transparent acrylic positive components, not only can present a good cold liquid visual effect, more durability and service life growth.
Standard configuration does not contain controller, for optional accessory, this kind of cold head lighting system needs to match the corresponding version controller to use, when buying, must photograph the necessary controller.
The graphics card can be compatible with the original card display, which should be used in the attached extension cord.

The display panel is divided into silver and black, and the color selection represents the color of the display panel. Please make sure that the color graphics card is cold.