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The world redefines "Chinese astronaut", and "taikonaut" with BARROW

2021-07-26 09:28 The author:Administrator

Since the 1960s, mankind has never stopped exploring space, and China’s aerospace industry is also advancing in great strides, from the launch of the first artificial satellite to the first manned flight of Shenzhou V, from the "Chang'e Ben By the time the astronauts of Shenzhou 12 enter China’s Tianhe core capsule, these space projects have been demonstrating our scientific and technological capabilities and determination to explore space. We pay high tribute to the workers who have devoted themselves to the aerospace industry.

Internationally, the English word for astronauts is "astronaut". Now, Chinese astronauts have our exclusive English word "taikonaut". "taikonaut" can be divided into "taiko" and "naut", "taiko" The transliteration of Chinese "space", "naut" is the same as the root of "astronaut". Similarly, the word "taikonaut" is also dedicated to Chinese astronauts.

At the same time, BARROW launched the Chinese astronaut commemorative version of the CPU cold head-LTSE-04N, to pay tribute to the contributions made by mankind in space exploration and to commemorate the milestone achievements of China's aerospace industry.

The laser engraving in the center of the cold head is laser engraved with the words "SPACE EXPLORATION". Our exploration of space has not stopped yet, and there is a wider space that needs to wait for us to explore and discover.

In the lower left of the cold head, there is a radium engraved "TAIKONAUT" Chinese astronaut's exclusive word, this word has been included in the Oxford dictionary, which means that China's achievements in the field of space have been recognized by the world, and China has been among the forefront of the international space industry.

Heroes' Expedition, Flying to Pursue Dreams

In the lower right corner of the cold head, there are the initials of the surnames of the three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo carried by the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft and the launch date of the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft, 2021-06-17, with the surnames of the three space heroes. The English spelling of. And the launch date of the spacecraft to pay tribute to the three astronauts who went to space for space operations on this date.

At the bottom, there is a vector logo of a space station, commemorating the completion of my country's first space station. The completion of the space station also gave Chinese astronauts a "home" in space.

Chinese astronauts, Chinese space station, TAIKONAUT, these pronouns of China are all expressing China's strength. We are moving forward step by step. At this moment, let the BARROW astronaut commemorative CPU cold head help us remember.