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Fight the future! | LGA 1700 CPU cold head is coming, the old cold head can be upgraded through the kit

2021-11-20 17:16 The author:Administrator

We have been keeping up with the update frequency of INTEL’s desktop platform. When the 10th generation Core processor was released, only the number of pins of the CPU and the replacement of the CPU socket were increased, but the fixing holes of the motherboard’s heat sink did not change, so we The cold head has been compatible with the heat dissipation of the 11th generation CPU.


But the 12th generation CPU not only has a sharp increase in the number of pins to 1700, the CPU socket has also changed from the previous square to a rectangle, and the spacing of the radiator holes has also been changed from 75*75 to 78*78, which also shows that If the customer upgrades the platform, the existing cold head is no longer compatible.


But as a manufacturer, we must not only meet the players’ upgrade requirements, but also respond to the national environmental protection concept. We have separately launched the LGA1700 upgrade kit. Using this kit, we can achieve installation on LGA115x, LGA1200 and the latest LGA1700 platforms at the same time. use.


The BARROWCH cold head is compatible with the hole spacing of the new LGA1700 radiator due to its natural hole pitch, so players only need to purchase an additional 1700 platform cold head fixed back plate when using the BARROWCH cold head to upgrade the LGA1700 platform.

At the same time, we have also launched a series of CPU cold heads compatible with the LGA1700 platform. When assembling the latest Core LGA1700 platform, players can directly purchase the desired target version cold head; if later players upgrade to the X99/X299 platform, the same is true. There is no need to replace the cold head. The new cold head can be compatible with the INTEL desktop full platform, which is truly "one step in place".