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LED composite water tank made of quartz glass lighting components monochrome


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Barrow LED monochrome special lighting tank components, components for the expansion water tank, water tank can be provided to the brilliant light rendering effect, the overall use of composite support structure, independent components, easy to install, only need to tighten the screw hole in the tank in the upper and lower positions can be.
The component body made of quartz glass tube, quartz glass thermal expansion coefficient is small, 5.5 x 10-7/ C, only ordinary glass 1/12 ~ 1/20, the qualified product test standard for burning up to 1200 degrees Celsius after rapidly into the cold water, repeated more than three times is not allowed to burst, and can easily cope with the highest temperature and the temperature of the water in the system, and the built-in dual sealing ring, providing the highest level of security.
Limited to the LED lamp emitting angle limit, and the joint part of the pipe body is open LED circuit structure, the user in the screw joint, LED circuit board can be manually rotated angle adjustment, to achieve the best lighting effect
The component without external control accessories can be used for static monochromatic light effect, light is not adjustable, please buy BARROW related products RGB full-color RGB light emitting assembly
Available color: Red / Green / Blue / white
FDTLD155 length: 125mm
FDTLD205 length: 175mm
FDTLD255 length: 225mm
FDTLD305 length: 275mm